I don’t understand why the media is feeding us so much information on the persona of the Tuscan shooter. One photo & a name is enough. We don’t need to know about his childhood, mental illnesses, the breakup he went through in highschool, his political agenda, his sexual orientation, his favorite color… Now some nuts out there will be enthralled by him, try to emulate him, and start sporting red g-strings. Like when every idiot started wearing a black trench coat in highschool. It’s too much. He’s dominating the media. And it’s making it so that murder is a great way to be famous overnight. For some that are ravenous for fame, this might seem like a very valid option now.

Serial Killer Art This is obviously nothing new. The public has been enraptured by crazy killers for so long that we even have art shows with pieces sold for thousands, simply because they depict the identity of a serial killer. We’ve gone from capital punishment to letting the imbeciles live on forever!

Could it be that part of our obsession has to do with our need for validation that we won’t end up like them? Do we need to have all this information so that we can compare him with ourselves and know we are better than he? Does the pale line between thinking violent thoughts and acting upon them scare us so much that we need to constantly be reminded that we are not “that bad”?Art by a Schizophrenic

This circus narrative of our newest American Psycho also opens the case up to observers that are waiting for a piece to pick out for blame. People waiting to hear he was a republican. People waiting to hear he was a member of the ‘angry tea party’. People waiting to hear he was a pothead. People waiting to hear he was a muslim. An Athiest. A Scientologist. People waiting to hear he was gay… Anything that allows us to separate him from us. All so we can cozily categorize him with others we ought to keep a watchful eye on. So we can be fearful of anyone who even remotely shares a specification with him!

He’s a murderer & he’s locked away.

That’s all I need to know. Thanks.

~ by Keira Dazi on January 15, 2011.

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