The Joys of Commercialism and Difference

HolidayzThe season of love and giving. Many people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if there were no holidays during the winter. In many ways the “Holiday Season” is what brings us all together to reminisce and reconnect, to share stories of the year gone by, and to cherish the time we have with one another. It’s also a time when we celebrate our faiths. Whatever those may be. Jesus qua God qua Father Christmas seems to be the entity that holds this season and everything in it together. It’s a time of prayer, hope and above all good will towards men.

Unfortunately, it’s also a time of hurt feelings and offended people. Not everyone was brought up the same way, and we don’t prescribe to the same version of “holiday etiquette” or acumen. Not all of us come from the same milieu. Some of us are well off. Some of us are struggling. Some of us are thinking of what to get others. Some of us are wondering where the next meal will come from. Some of us believe in Christmas. Some of us believe in Chanukah. Some of us only believe in family. And in the midst of all these differences is spending and commercialism. The cards, the gifts, the phone bills, the airline tickets, the parties.

But does all this really construe all that is wrong with the world? Or does the fact that so many people find this all repugnant, try to inculcate only what each of us deems apropos. Have we really come to expect so much during this holiday season, that we get offended by a “Season’s Greetings” sign outside an Italian restaurant. “Why didn’t they just say Merry Christmas?!”, one scoffs. “Why did they assume I celebrate Christmas?!” says the Pagan. Why does receiving a holiday card in the mail surprise some of us now?! We even scold ourselves with “why didn’t I think of that?! It must be this Satan’s Web (AKA the internet) zapping me out of the real world!”

And while so many of us are glad to have this time of year to relax and take a break from work, some people are thankful for the work and inspiration this season brings them. All the toys, the electronics, the inventions of new ways to connect, the products that took years to concoct, the useless ingenuities that are created solely to bring one joy…all of this put food on someone’s table and a smile on someone’s face. All of this vilified “commercialism” and “difference” that offends so many holiday advocates is precisely why these holidays should exist…

To remind you that this world isn’t about you and what you believe/expect. It’s about all of us keeping each other alive.

Happy Holidays.

~ by Keira Dazi on December 25, 2012.

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