new moon.


I’ve been having trouble finding the right words to describe what I’ve been feeling, but just the sheer surprise of feeling anything at all is enough these days. Perhaps it’s the music. Perhaps it’s how elegantly he articulates himself or how his favorite city is New Orleans. Perhaps it’s the way he smiles coyly when I say I want to take things slow. Perhaps it’s the fact we both went into this thinking neither of us are capable of ever falling in love again because we’ve been broken. Perhaps it’s the way he accepts my sadness as the new moon we met on and doesn’t make me feel ashamed that I don’t always glow. Or perhaps it’s none of these things and it’s just that passionately indescribable and borderline intuitive chemistry that I’ve been chasing, the way an addict chases her very first high. He’s still new and I’m still firmly planted in the mud. I may not be floating into the infinite abyss just yet, but holy shit. I like him. So much. And like a lotus I can feel myself ever so slowly reaching up to the light.

~ by Keira Dazi on September 10, 2017.

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